Two to Tell

Two to Tell participants present six PowerPoint slides in a timed presentation. Each slide will appear for 20 seconds. Each contestant may talk about each individual slide or have a coherent text that does not accompany any individual slide. Because the slides are timed, it is often more effective to not focus on each slide individually. The text may be prose or poetry, a daily entry in a journal, an anthropological observation or a more journalistic text. We encourage the presentation to be narrative with a beginning, a middle and end rather than discussing the pictures themselves.

First prize $500
Second prize $250
Third prize $100 

Two to Tell submissions are due Wednesday, March 8, 2023, followed by an initial screening of submissions by the Office of International Programs. The Two to Tell program will be held on Wednesday, March 15 (more details to come). Send entries, release form, and questions to

What are the goals of the project?

  • To encourage students to consider how their study abroad experience has affected them personally, academically, linguistically and professionally and how it will continue to do so throughout their college career and future.  
  • To provide an outlet for students to reflect upon their cross-cultural experiences and share their insights with their peers.
  • To provide a resource for future study abroad participants.
  • To encourage you to interact with your new culture and explain that interaction to the readers, not merely be an observer.

What are the criteria for selection?

  • How well does the work reflect the study abroad experience (interaction with the host culture, transformation within the experience, language learning, research, etc.)?
  • What is the artistic/academic quality of the work?
  • How original is the work? 
  • Is the work merely an observation or does it reflect the artist's participation in their cross-cultural experience? 
  • Is the message presented skillfully and concisely?


  • The applicant's name, picture, address or phone number should be submitted on the release form. All submissions must be accompanied by a complete and signed release/application (.pdf) indicating that the contestant understands and agrees with all competition rules.
  • All contestants must submit six high-resolution images; the images should not contain any text. 
  • The images (preferably in .jpg format) must be submitted via email attachments to Please do not submit PowerPoint slides or other formats. All submissions will then be compiled by the Office of International Programs into one PowerPoint presentation. The text of the spoken portion should be also submitted electronically in Microsoft Word by the deadline above. 
  • All submissions must include a title but this title should not appear on any images.
  • All entries are the property of Wofford College upon submission. No entries will be returned.
  • All submissions must be the entrant's original work.  
  • All oral presentations should not exceed two minutes; any submissions beyond this length will not be considered.
  • No late entries will be accepted. 
  • Visual works should not depict excessive use of alcohol, violence, sex, or other inappropriate material. Oral presentations should also abide by these standards. 
  • The submission may be in the language of your choice. 
  • The artwork may be in black and white or color. 
  • All submissions are subject to editing for the final publication.

Past Two to Tell Winners

Visit the link above to see past winners and their presentations.