Fredy Madrid

Campus Union (student body) president

Year: Class of 2020

Country: Cortes, Honduras

Majors: International affairs and finance


What attracted you to Wofford?

The idea that Wofford is really “Your World.” Going along with that, I have been able to accomplish all I wanted. Some may be challenging in the process, but Wofford has made me feel a home away from home.


What is your favorite Wofford memory?

There are three parts to this. The first part is my acceptance to Wofford. The second part is that I was awarded the Bonner scholarship at the end of my first year. Without this award, I would have been unable to return to Wofford. The third part is when I became the President of the student body. I was able to come, stay, and thrive at Wofford. My acceptance to Wofford is still my favorite part of the memory because it gave me a key to the world.


What do you feel Wofford has done to help facilitate your future after Wofford?

Firstly, the connections I am able to build with alumnus. Secondly, the faculty and staff here would like to help me as much as they can. Lastly, the Career Center give me tools, to be able to get funding for internships and the ability to go above and beyond.