Ferdinand Harerimana

What attracted you to Wofford?

I wanted to attend Wofford because they had a good soccer team. I enjoy the game and felt like Wofford would provide me with a good experience by attending games or being involved in intramural sports. This, of course, was the case when I was at Wofford. I enjoyed attending soccer game either at home or away. Football games were fun too! 


The other reason I wanted to attend Wofford was their physics program. I did not know that much about it, but I was glad I majored in physics. It’s a small department, where you get to build a good teacher-student relationship. Walk-ins are allowed, you can talk to the professors and tell them what your plans are, they are willing to write recommendations for you and since you have had them in class often, they know you well! I did secure a summer internship in summer 2014 and that was because I had good recommendation from the physics and math departments!


Quite frankly I miss the Burwell Dining Hall. I enjoyed having dinner with friends, students who were in the same groups of Jambo Africa and Alpha Phi Omega. Burwell was a nice place to sit, chat, and make jokes after a long day or a summer or winter break! Burwell workers were nice and very welcoming! 


What do you feel Wofford has done to help facilitate your future after Wofford?

I had a summer internship in 2014 at Stanford University doing research in geoscience and engineering through connections with my faculty.  Having that experience my improved my profile in job searching as well as expanded my support network for graduate study. I worked as a teacher for two years before I started graduate school. Another way Wofford help me is with the Career Center. I used it often to update my resume, my CV, and to review cover letters. Finally, my instructors (Dr. Salley, Dr. Spivey, Dr, Catlla, and Dr. Wilson) and Luke Meagher from the Library would read and review my graduate essays. Classes did teach me hardworking and tenacity! All the classes were useful, but English writing classes are extremely important because, as a graduate student, most of my assignments involve plenty of writing!