Eduardo Castillo Urdaneta

Year: Class of 2019

Country: Maricaibo, Venezuela

Majors: Computer Science and mathematics


What attracted you to Wofford?

The Bonner Scholarship program and so many different opportunities at the college to explore my interests.


What is your favorite Wofford memory?

When I was accepted to the SIGSEC Conference to present on research I had been doing with a Wofford professor.  I was excited about the opportunity but not sure how I was going to pay for the travel expenses for the conference.  I worked with my faculty and the administration, who found the funding to cover the costs of my travel.


What do you feel Wofford has done to help facilitate your future after Wofford?

The summer research opportunity with a computer science professor that I had after my first year at Wofford was really the starting point for so many further opportunities for conference presentations, connections in the field of computer science, an ultimately a summer internship with SLACK.  I have also appreciated having such a diverse group of friends on campus, with so many differing perspectives and ideas to bounce ideas off of in both social and academic settings.