Diego Losada Rubio

Year: Class of 2021

Country: Granada, Spain

Majors: Physics and mathematics


What attracted you to Wofford?

I came to Wofford to play tennis and to study physics, and because I thought that Wofford would allow me to succeed both academically and athletically. What I liked the most about Wofford is that it is a liberal arts school and so, I can learn about physics and math while having a background on the humanities and especially in philosophy. The other aspect that I loved about Wofford is that the classes are relatively small, so you can have Socratic conversations with the student and the teacher. And also, you develop a more personal relationship with the teacher since they know you well and you can meet with them whenever you are struggling in the class.


My favorite memory at Wofford is when the whole Class of 2021 went to Greystone Camp for orientation before the beginning of my first year. I was afraid that because I was international, I was going to struggle meeting new people, and this was a great opportunity for me to open myself to other students of my age and to make new friends. Even though that day rained, we had so much fun in the camp doing all sorts of activities indoors and outdoors in a beautiful place in the middle of the forest.


What do you feel Wofford has done to help facilitate your future after Wofford?

Well, I wanted at the beginning of my freshmen year to get some experience and have some sort of internship during the summer. The only problem is that I was not able to find anything related to the field of physics. But at the end, I was able to be part of the XSEDE Empower program during the summer. I was able to stay on campus and continue playing tennis while doing an internship and traveling to a couple of conferences in the field of computational science. And I was able to have a great experience thanks to all the resources and the people at Wofford College.