Coronavirus FAQs


Amy Lancaster
Dean of international programs
Phone: 864-597-4430

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The Wofford College Incident Management Team, composed of staff from the Office of International Programs, the Wellness Center and others, is working with overseas partners to monitor developments related to COVID-19. Assessing the risk of the virus includes staying abreast of updates from governmental agencies, local and international media outlets, and a network of health and security professionals.

All in-person instruction has been suspended for Wofford's spring 2020 study abroad programs. Students will complete their coursework online for the remainder of the semester in most cases. In cases in which students are directly enrolled in local universities, our on-site partners are advocating for all due consideration be given to study abroad students for completion of their coursework. 

Following CDC guidelines, students who returned home from areas of widespread transmission will remain under self-isolation at home for a minimum of 14 days. Students returning from overseas are not permitted to visit campus until after their 14 day self-isolation period, or after Wofford College's spring break (whichever occurs later).

All spring 2020 programs have suspended in-person instruction at this time. See above for more information.

Wofford’s partnerships with study abroad organizations provide for an extensive network of experts in international education, crisis management and health and safety response. In rare cases in which programs are suspended mid-semester due to security threats, health concerns or natural disasters, our partners provide appropriate responses that allow for students to complete their coursework back in the U.S., through an alternative program or relocate the program altogether (depending on the timing of the incident in question). In addition, Wofford students are covered by insurance that includes comprehensive coverage for medical evacuation (in the case of severe illness) as well as coverage for security evacuation. All of Wofford's partners are adapting their withdrawal and cancelation policies, given the unpredicable, quickly evolving circumstances. In the event that a program were to be canceled prior to the scheduled arrival date, every attempt will be made to find an alternate program for any affected students. Should a student prefer not to select an alternative in such a case, the student would be refunded all recoverable costs.

Those who have not yet returned to the US who experience any of the coronavirus symptoms cited by the CDC should inform on-site staff immediately. Well-trained and experienced student affairs professionals will assist affected students in seeking medical care as needed. Those who have returned from study abroad who experience symptoms should reach out to their healthcare provider and notify Wofford's Wellness Center if they are tested for COVID-19 so that any necessary follow-up measures may be considered.

Wofford’s partner organizations have published their own policies regarding refunds and financial support. Students who studied off-campus during the spring semester should consult their individual programs for more information.

As of early April, most summer 2020 programs have been canceled. Wofford’s Incident Management Team continues to monitor the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19. The Office of International Programs and partners overseas plan to move forward with off-campus study for fall 2020 and will adjust plans as appropriate if that proves impracticable.