Coronavirus FAQs


Amy Lancaster
Dean of international programs
Phone: 864-597-4430

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The Wofford College Incident Management Team, composed of staff from the Office of International Programs, the Wellness Center and others, is working with overseas partners to monitor developments related to COVID-19. Assessing the risk of the virus includes staying abreast of updates from governmental agencies, local and international media outlets, and a network of health and security professionals. The college monitors travel restrictions; entry requirements; testing availability and protocols; transmission, hospitalization, and vaccination rates; the status of local healthcare infrastructure; and developing local COVID-19 protocols.

Wofford’s Incident Management Team and partners overseas continue to monitor the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, including the developing information related to new variants. Our partners are currently proceeding with plans to offer all 2022 programming as scheduled, but will not hesitate to adjust those plans if needed.* Adjustments may be made in response to enrollment, travel restrictions, and health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. These adjustments may include delayed start dates, components that include remote learning, restrictions in housing options, and adjusting travel plans in response to local COVID-19 travel restrictions and protocols.

*Unless you are notified otherwise, your off-campus program is scheduled to run as planned.

Wofford’s partnerships with study abroad organizations provide for an extensive network of experts in international education, crisis management, and health and safety response. In rare cases in which programs are suspended mid-semester due to security threats, health concerns, or natural disasters, our partners provide appropriate responses that allow for students to complete their coursework back in the U.S., through an alternative program, or by relocating the program altogether (depending on the timing of the incident in question). In addition, Wofford students are covered by insurance that includes comprehensive coverage for medical evacuation (in the case of severe illness) as well as coverage for security evacuation. All of Wofford's partners have adjusted their withdrawal and cancelation policies, given the unpredictable, evolving circumstances. In the event that a program were to be canceled prior to the scheduled arrival date, every attempt will be made to find an alternate program for any affected students. Should a student prefer not to select an alternative in such a case, the student would be refunded all recoverable costs.

Per the college's announcement on August 25, 2021, the college is now requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all students and employees. In addition to providing protection against severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death, the vaccine reduces the risk of denied entry and quarantine, and it also increases access to local events, activities, services, and transportation, where proof of vaccination may be required for entry/participation. Students with medical or religious exemptions should note that the host country laws, policies, and public health regulations supersede Wofford policies and may not allow for such exceptions.

Wofford encourages all study abroad participants to get their COVID-19 vaccine booster prior to departure in alignment with the CDC’s recommendations. Studies have shown that booster shots prove to be vital to reducing the risk of COVID-19 variants such as Omicron. Some host countries may have booster requirements for entry or participation in local events/activities. Students should not rely on being able to get booster shots abroad, as this is far from certain in most cases.

For information regarding the vaccine policy for Interim travel/study programsplease click here.

Those participating in Interim 2022 travel/study programs were required to upload a complete COVID-19 vaccination card to the Wellness Center’s Patient Portal by October 1, 2021. All other students were expected to upload proof of vaccine no later than November 1, 2021.

Students should be prepared to present their vaccine records during travel and while abroad to gain access to public venues (restaurants, museums, etc.).

Wofford College recommends that students wait to purchase airfare until they have received confirmation of all departure and arrival details from their program. At this time, most programs have recommended waiting until approximately 30 days before the program’s start date to purchase flights, though they may make this purchase earlier if their program has sent confirmation of the final departure and arrival details.

When students decide to make travel arrangements, we recommend they purchase flights directly from their airline of choice or a trusted travel agent. We strongly suggest purchasing flights with flexible booking policies that will cover any changes or cancellations due to the pandemic. Students may also elect to purchase CFAR (Cancellation for Any Reason) or IFAR (Interruption for Any Reason) insurance to cover their trip.

In light of the evolving circumstances created by COVID-19, the Office of International Programs recommends that semester or year-long off-campus study students register for on-campus courses initially along with their classmates. The OIP will be in touch later in the semester when students will officially be removed from their on-campus courses and registered for off-campus study. Should any programs be suspended after that time, OIP staff will work with faculty and the Registrar's office to assist affected students in registration.

Wofford's partners for semester and summer off-campus study programs have fully developed COVID-19 plans that include protocols for quarantine/isolation and testing.* Please see below for more information. For information regarding Interim travel/study programs, please click here.

*Countries have different requirements for entry, including protocols for COVID-19 testing and quarantine, amongst other measures. Due to the variable and developing nature of COVID-19 travel restrictions and regulations, our partners generally discourage students from traveling independently outside of their host country. If students do choose to travel independently, they should take precautions and carefully research all COVID-19 restrictions and requirements for their airline/transport and destination(s), as well as any re-entry restrictions and requirements for their host country.

We encourage participants to stay informed about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, including each country’s entry requirements and local protocols. Below are suggested resources with helpful information.