Internships help students integrate academic and experiential learning through a wide range of practical experiences. For example, each year Wofford offers pre-law, pre-dentistry, public policy and clinical medical internship Interims.

Beyond these specific opportunities, Wofford also offers Learning Work, an umbrella internship course. Through the Learning Work Interim, students take the initiative and set up an internship with the organization of their choosing.

Learning Work Interim: Application Process

September 30 is the priority deadline for Learning Work Interim proposals. Proposals will be accepted after Septepmber 30, but those students are not guaranteed a spot in the Interim. The applications will be reviewed by both the Interim coordinator and the Learning Work faculty advisors. If your proposal is deemed to meet all of the expected requirements it will be accepted, but there is no guarantee that all submitted proposals will be accepted.

Students also must secure a letter of support from the workplace at which they will be pursuing the internship. There are two separate deadlines for this letter of support:

  • If the workplace has a company email address, the letter of support may be sent via email and is due no later than October 7. It should be sent directly to the Interim coordinator, Dr. Karen Goodchild, at
  • If the workplace does not have a company email address, the letter of support must be sent via regular mail, on workplace letterhead and must be received by October 10. The letter in this case should be sent to: Dr. Karen Goodchild, Interim coordinator; 429 N Church St.,  Spartanburg, S.C. 29303.

The letter of support must contain the following information:

  • Verification that the company will provide you with 30-40 hours of work each week for all four weeks of Interim.
  • An explanation of the tasks and duties you will be undertaking during your internship.
  • The name, position and contact information of the person who will serve as your supervisor during January. The supervisor cannot be a relative of the student and must acknowledge that he or she will need to provide an evaluation of your work at the end of Interim.
  • A statement explaining compensation beyond reimbursement for expenses incurred on the job. Students may have one paid interim internship that counts for academic credit during their Wofford career.