Coronavirus FAQs


Amy Lancaster
Dean of international programs
Phone: 864-597-4430

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The Wofford College Incident Management Team, composed of staff from the Office of International Programs, the Wellness Center and others, is working with overseas partners to monitor developments related to COVID-19. Assessing the risk of the virus includes staying abreast of updates from governmental agencies, local and international media outlets, and a network of health and security professionals. The college monitors travel restrictions, entry requirements, testing availability and protocols, transmission rates, the status of local healthcare infrastructure, and developing local COVID-19 protocols.

Wofford’s Incident Management Team and partners overseas continue to monitor the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, including the developing information related to the Omicron variant. The college suspended several Interim programs in August 2021 due to ongoing travel restrictions and quarantine requirements that would compromise the programs' itineraries. Programs currently slated to move forward may be adjusted or suspended, depending on enrollment, evolving travel restrictions, and health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. 

Due to the increased risk associated with travel and evolving entry requirements and quarantine protocols, the college has made the decision to require that all students be vaccinated before participating in any Interim 2022 travel/study program, with no exceptions. Reaching 100% vaccine compliance will better ensure these programs’ success with little to no disruption.

We also encourage all study abroad participants to get their COVID-19 vaccine booster prior to departure if it has been more than six months since their single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Students should not rely on being able to get booster shots abroad as this is far from certain in most cases.

Ensuring participants are vaccinated, in addition to following CDC recommendations before, during, and after traveling, are important considerations when evaluating the viability of off-campus study programs. In addition, each country has individual requirements and expectations around testing, vaccines, quarantine and isolation, mask-wearing, and other protocols. Housing and local lodging, as well as venues (such as museums, theaters, etc.), may require proof of a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations may also eliminate the need for quarantine upon arrival and help mitigate the strain on local health care infrastructure. Finally, it is important to note that rules can change without warning and we believe these requirements must be followed closely by each participant to mitigate program disruptions.

Those participating in Interim 2022 travel/study programs should upload a complete COVID-19 vaccination card to the Wellness Center’s Patient Portal by October 1st. 

Students should be prepared to present their vaccine records during travel and while abroad to gain access to public venues (restaurants, museums, etc.).

Students are responsible for any fees associated with testing prior to departure. The posted fees for Interim 2022 include the cost of any routine COVID-19 tests mandated on-site at the program's destination(s). Routine testing requirements for each program will vary based on location and itinerary. As with any expenses incurred on-site for medical reasons, students who are in need of COVID-19 tests due to symptoms or potential exposure will be responsible for those costs, either by paying on-site or billed later by the college. Students may file an insurance claim with CISI, Wofford's international health insurance, for such costs. Please click here for details regarding coverage and filing a claim with CISI.

Program leaders will work with local partners to identify quarantine and isolation spaces for participants as needed. As with any expenses incurred on-site for medical reasons, students will be responsible for quarantine/isolation-related costs, either by paying on-site or billed later by the college. 

If a student's sudden need to quarantine/isolate or seek medical treatment on-site delays their travel, the college will make arrangements for a program leader to remain in that location to serve as a support at no cost to the student. Depending on the situation and timing of the event, it may be appropriate for the student to return home following quarantine/isolation or testing negative. In cases in which students are unable to complete the program due to illness or quarantine/isolation, they may be considered for a medical waiver for Interim 2022. 

We encourage participants to stay informed about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, including each country’s entry requirements and local protocols. Below are suggested resources with helpful information.