COVID-19 Vaccine Policy for Travel/Study Programs

Due to the increased risk associated with travel and evolving entry requirements and quarantine protocols, the college is requiring the COVID-19 vaccine of all students who intend to participate in a Wofford-sponsored travel/study program or independent Interim project, with no exceptions. We believe that reaching 100% vaccine compliance will better ensure these programs’ success with little to no disruption.
We recognize that ensuring our participants are vaccinated, in addition to following CDC recommendations before, during, and after traveling, is only part of the equation we must consider when evaluating the viability of off-campus programs. Each country has individual requirements and expectations around testing, vaccines, quarantine and isolation, mask-wearing, and other protocols. Some hotels and venues (such as museums, theaters, etc.) may require proof of a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations may also eliminate the need for quarantine upon arrival and help mitigate the strain on local health care infrastructure. Finally, it is important to note that rules can change without warning and we believe these requirements must be followed closely by each participant to mitigate delays, disruptions, or dismissals.
Submit Documentation
Students are expected to submit their vaccine records via the Wellness Center’s portal on myWofford. Click here to access the “upload” option directly. You may upload a photo or scan of your vaccine card. Students must upload their complete vaccine record no later than Friday, October 1. To ensure 100% compliance, those who do not upload their vaccine record by Friday, October 1 will be subsequently withdrawn from their Interim program. Students should contact the Office of International Programs with any concerns or questions about this deadline.

Plan ahead
We encourage students to plan accordingly to complete the series of two shots before departure (the Moderna vaccine requires two shots 4 weeks apart, while the Pfizer-BioNTech requires two shots 3 weeks apart). Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine only requires one shot. Please click here for more information, including an update about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Note: Failure to carry proof of vaccine while traveling could lead to disruptions that may result in a student's dismissal from the program. Such disruptions may include but are not limited to, difficulty arriving at the destination or a mandatory quarantine at government-sanctioned accommodations at the student's expense.
The Office of International Programs, together, with our partners overseas, continues to monitor and evaluate the conditions in each location. We encourage students to stay informed about COVID-19 and other health and safety concerns related to their destinations. Below are a few links students and their families may find helpful.