Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is a four-part workshop series designed for students in the concept stage of developing a business. The series will guide students through the process of customer discovery, market-validation testing, prototype development and pitching. At the conclusion of the series, participants will be given access to seed funding up to $500 to bring their idea life.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make major headway on your concept, connect with fellow entrepreneurs and get some cash to advance your concept!

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking (Interim)

This course focuses on the entrepreneurial process involved in generating ideas and moving from the idea stage to action. Using the tools and practices associated with evidence-based entrepreneurship, student teams will immerse themselves in a continuous feedback loop of build, test, learn. Focus will be on opportunity recognition, customer engagement, business model creation and prototyping and gaining market validation.

This course is highly experiential and designed to drive adaptability, curiosity, experimentation and collaboration in an effort to prepare students for greater success in entrepreneurial roles with established companies, social ventures and startups.

Terrier StartUP Challenge

The Terrier Startup Challenge is Wofford’s annual pitch competition providing substantial funding for student ventures at any stage. To prepare students to take the stage and pitch their venture, we offer several educational opportunities including a startup pitch workshop, and individual coaching to perfect the content and delivery of student pitches.

Summer Incubator / Accelerator for New Ventures

This is a paid opportunity to spend the summer working on your company. Students with well-developed business ideas and/or existing ventures can participate in this program to accelerate the startup and growth of their companies. Beginning with a business model audit to determine gaps and untested assumptions, students will develop goals and milestones unique to their business. Under the guidance of the instructor, students will develop and execute strategies to reach their milestones and accomplish their goals combined with connections to industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and mentors. Contact us for information on how to apply.


Working with a mentor enables students to gain valuable advice, counsel and connections that can accelerate the startup and growth of a venture. Mentors support student success by working collaboratively, listening and helping to maintain focus on steady progress and goal achievement. Contact us to get connected with a mentor.

Intern at a startup

Interning at a startup is a great way to learn the practice of entrepreneurship, create connections and build capacity for future success in entrepreneurial roles with established companies, social ventures and startups. Contact us to learn more about this process.