The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation serves as the hub and resource center for innovation on Wofford’s campus, offering educational opportunities, resources, a community of support and professional connections to innovators and industry experts. We are committed to supporting student success and cultivating a lifelong, inclusive community of entrepreneurs and innovators driving economic and social impact.

Our programs and opportunities are open to any Wofford student, faculty or staff member interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. We seek to create conditions for the collaborative pursuit of new ideas.

Our Mission

Advance entrepreneurial thinking and practice at Wofford and the surrounding region, sustainably improving the world through innovative ventures.

Student and Alumni Ventures

Mitchell Saum

Class of 2017
Major: Chinese Language
Company: Swell Vision

Mitchell Saum founded Swell Vision during his sophomore year while participating in the Launch Program. After spending countless hours in his dorm room scouring the internet to find the right product, Mitchell started to import uniquely designed bamboo sunglasses and other similar accessories like watches. Mitchell worked directly with producers in China, relying on his coursework in Chinese language, to offer high-quality items to consumers in the United States. Despite the successes and obstacles any startup faces, the company is still in operation and now has six employees.

What is your favorite quote?

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill

Joseph McMillin

Class of 2013
Major: Psychology
Company: Atlas Organics Inc.

Joseph McMillin founded Atlas Organics to address the issue of food waste and strengthen the organics recycling infrastructure in the United States. Joseph began his entrepreneurial journey as a member of the Launch program and has continued to grow his endeavor across South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. Atlas Organics recycles food waste, turning it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping, operating collection from both commercial and residential customers in the southeast. In addition to these services, Atlas Organics provides development, operational and engineering services to municipalities. Currently, Atlas Organics has 23 employees across four states.

Most Valuable Lesson

Always plan ahead and understand that nothing will go as planned. You also have to be willing to never give up, as tenacity is what makes company thrive.

Amber Ludeman

Class of 2008
Major/Minor: English
Company: Matchstick Social

Amber Ludeman is the co-founder of Matchstick Social, a social media marketing firm designed to challenge the status quo of agency-to-business relationships. Amber and her partner founded the company over a phone call in a restaurant bathroom in 2013 and have since bought out their silent partner and, as of 2019, have 17 full-time clients. They saw a need for a new, modern system of marketing “that brought all of the strategy, creative and process of a large agency to medium-sized businesses that could not normally afford it.” Amber was an English major in the class of 2008 and always saw herself becoming a writer. That was paired with her love of social media to culminate into the success of Matchstick Social.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about launching a business?

If it doesn’t empower, enrich or excite you, don’t do it. Some clients or projects may help keep the lights on, but if you don’t believe in them or it, your work inevitably suffers, and with it, your reputation.

Grace Moyd

Class of 2013
Major: Humanities, Minor: Business
Company: Writefully His

Grace Moyd is the founder of Writefully His, a social enterprise inspired by the need for educational resources in East Africa. Writefully His is a boutique design studio and digital resource space that provides invitations for special events, personal stationery and gives 100% of its proceeds toward the purchase of school supplies for students in East Africa. Since its founding in 2012, Writefully His has entered into wholesale categories, wedding lines, retail spaces and licensing. This has enabled Grace to expand the mission of Writefully His and accelerate the impact of her work through the launch of Thrive Global Project, a nonprofit that provides educational resources to vulnerable students across the globe.

Entrepreneurial pro-tip

Do it scared. It doesn't get easier. You will have ups and downs and it will change like you never thought it could, but it's all part of the ride.

Austin Webb

Class of 2010
Major: Finance, Minor: Economics
Company: Fifth Season (RoBotany Ltd. DBA Fifth Season)

Austin Webb founded Fifth Season in 2016, a consumer tech company that uses robotics, AI and IOT to create a whole new standard of vertical farming with a complete end-to-end smart manufacturing solution. Locally grown with no harmful chemicals by people known and trusted in the community, Fifth Season addresses the issue of food waste and the impending global water crisis because vertical farming uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture and avoids harmful run-off pollution. Overall, this means the company is able to solve a multitude of global problems while also making a direct, positive impact in the communities where they farm including economic development and STEM education. As an entrepreneur, Austin wakes up energized every day to be part of the solution to multiple global challenges. Fifth Season currently has 35 employees and has raised 35mm+ in venture capital.

Most Valuable Lesson

There's never an easy win, so you have to earn them all. Resilience is an important factor to success.

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