Bonner Congress

What is Bonner Congress?

Bonner Congress is a group of fifty students chosen from each Bonner Scholars Program to represent their respective programs. Students are asked to serve in an advisory role to the Bonner Foundation. The ability to do this comes from their knowledge of their individual programs and the opinion of their peers. The students are expected to meet twice a year, once in the fall and once in the summer.

Congress Representative Roles and Responsibilities

In a nutshell, the duty of the Congress rep is to serve as a liaison between the Bonner Foundation and the Wofford Bonner Scholars Program. To be more specific, this student must be interested in learning more about the Foundation, what they do, and what they want the students to know. Naturally, the student must also be willing to know the Wofford BSP well enough to represent it nationally. The responsibility of this student will be to find creative ways of sharing this information with Wofford Bonner Scholars. You will be required to go to at least one national meeting per year (but quite possibly two or more). You will also be expected to hold two office hours during the week on any day that works best for you. This student will also have to frequently communicate with the Foundation intern who is in charge of the national student congress. The term is for two years.

The position is a wonderful opportunity to travel and to get to know other people. It really gives a great insight in to the entire Bonner Scholars Program at all 25 schools.