Strategic Vision 2014

Following an intense 18 months of college-led listening sessions, interviews, peer institution research, focus groups, meetings and open forums with students, faculty, staff and community members, in October 2014 the Wofford College Board of Trustees unanimously approved its vision for the future.

Building on the spirit of engagement and collaboration throughout the visioning process, Wofford’s vision for the future “embraces an intimate student population for one-on-one learning, integrates residential and extracurricular into the learning experience, and celebrates diversity, financial and environmental sustainability, and creativity and community involvement.”

In April and May of 2015, several Charge Teams were created and asked by President Nayef Samhat to survey the community and to create reports that highlight opportunities for implementation based on the recommendations of our strategic vision. Since September 2015, the VIA (Visioning, Implementation and Action) Team — under the unwavering direction of Dr. John Lefebvre, professor of psychology — has worked to combine these opportunities into a cohesive plan.

Strategic Vision Implementation Update

Strategic Vision: At-A-Glance

Strategic Vision Document