Privacy Policy

Wofford College Privacy Policy
Wofford College is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our website and this policy is limited to sites within the Wofford network. We are in no way responsible for the policies of other websites that are linked off the Wofford network. If you have any questions that you feel are not addressed by this document we are available to answer questions or concerns that you may have and can be reached by sending an e-mail to webmaster@wofford.edu, or by sending a letter to Wofford College, attn: Office of Marketing and Communications, 429 North Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303-3663.

Automatically Collected Information
When a user visits the Wofford College website various pieces of statistical data about that user are collected automatically. None of this information can be used to personally identify anyone and is used for diagnostic purposes by our web team. For more information about the statistical data that is collected visit www.google.com/analytics

Personal Information
Wofford College only collects information that could be used to identify you when you submit it to us, somewhere on the website. Wofford College does not sell, rent, or in any other form provide this information to third parties except where required by law. We conform to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Any information collected in regards to the Bronto distribution system will only be used in that capacity.

Various pages on the Wofford site use cookies (personalized information about your preferences on the site stored on your computer) to better serve you. You can set your browser to not accept cookies if you would like them off on your machine.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
Wofford College reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time, without notice.