Past Presidential International Scholars

Past Presidential International Scholars
Kendall Weaver '20 Western aid in Middle Eastern countries
Lydia Estes '20 Traveling throughout Latin America studying the role of art in women's rights movements
Victoria Nwankudu '19 Investigation into the role of languages in social movements
Punam Mulji '17 Comparing rural women’s access to health care in patriarchal communities with health care access for women in egalitarian societies.
Phifer Nicholson '16 Inter-Faith Relationships: Seeking Peace in Difference
Lindsey Perret '15 Women as Agents of Change in Latin America
Laura Kate Gamble '14 Models for Change in the Developing World
David Moore '13 Aspects of Renewable Energy Development in South America.
Chris Bourean '13
(Presidential Global Studies Scholar)
The role of NGOs and delivering sustainable change, particularly in healthcare settings.
Brian McCracken '13
(Presidential Global Studies Scholar)
Beyond the Ibrahim Index: African Political Agency at the Grassroots
Amy Powers '13 Exploring the intersection of art and children’s rights movement
Tyler Swain '12 Exploring people's values based on how they spend their disposable income
Regina Fuller '11 Exploring the African diaspora
Jonathan Hufford '10 The confluence of Western biologic medicine with methods used around the world to alleviate suffering (natural medicine, herbalist medicine, faith healing, acupuncture, etc.)
Vanessa Lauber '09 Community-based initiatives linking environmental conservation and management with cultural preservation
Elise Boos '08 The correlation of community ownership and project sustainability in matters of medicine and social projects
Ivy Farr '08 Opinions of the United States and how our government and our people are perceived and portrayed in other countries, focusing on the media portrayal of Americans
Neill Russell Sandifer '07 Islamic roots of democratic pluralism
Thomas Adam Pierce '06 Redefining the way we conceive of community
Allyn Lewis Steele '05 Conflict and water resource management
Dawna Shawntelle Quick '04 Labor, wages and how the concept of "human development" affects opportunities to rise above poverty in developing countries around the world
Allyson Ann Gibson '03 Music around the world
Kristofer Mitchell Neely '02 Water and the spirit
Kathryn Aleese Kane '01 The role of women in the economy
Scott Jackson Neely '00 "Living Virtue," an experiential study of individuals who have committed their lives in service to others
Scott Frankly Talley '99 Comparative study of primary and secondary educational systems
William Francis Malambri III '98 Volunteerism and human services in the third world
Robert Christopher Barrett '97 Christian missions in lesser-developed nations
William Blansett King Jr. '95 Open markets as self-adapted systems
Dwain Carlton Pruitt '95 Historic preservation in lesser-developed countries
Joseph Andrew Green '94 Creativity and cultural change
David Floyd Bresenham '93 Urbanization in the third world
Eric Raymond Ireland '92 The effect of religion on development in the third world
Joseph Kenneth Davidson '91 Entrepreneurship and economic development in third world nations
Ingrid Hutto '90 Comparaive student and higher education systems in the third world
Furman Lee Buchanan '89 Study of wealth distribution in former British colonies
Joseph Benjamin Hill '89 Immunology programs in the third world
William Collier Slade '87 Global deforestation