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Graduates of liberal arts colleges make our world a better place. They contribute professionally, civically and economically. Because liberal arts graduates have been exposed to far-ranging ideas and thoughts, they are in a position to address society’s challenges while living lives of personal fulfillment. Liberal arts graduates — because of the breadth and focus of knowledge — learn to communicate, create, think and adapt. These are the hallmarks of a Wofford education past, present and future, and I’m pleased that this issue of Wofford Today highlights a variety of alumni who have gone on to bring honor to themselves and their alma mater.

This Wofford Today features Alexander Smalls ’74, the only person to receive Tony, Grammy and James Beard awards, as well as other interesting alumni chefs. We also feature Nneka Mogbo ’20, who has begun her Fulbright Fellowship in Algeria; McCown Bridges Griffin ’10, who used her study abroad experiences to help others navigate travel; three graduates — James Scott ’97, Scott Gould ’81 and Steve Jobe ’91 — who have published highly acclaimed books; and six young alumni — Michelle Green ’15, Dr. Michael Jones ’17, Eliza Metts ’21, Paige Bolton Swafford ’19, Elizabeth Heinz Swails ’08 and Paul Walkup ’16 — who are rising stars in their fields. They offer just a small sample of the great and meaningful things our alumni do and the lives they live after Wofford.

We also share some photos of the graduates and families we welcomed back to campus for Homecoming and Family Weekend.

Wofford welcomes you, too! Our campus is open and welcoming because we learn from considering a variety of experiences and perspectives. This is part of our mission and core values, and we appreciate your support. Please return for a visit to see for yourself our dynamic campus community, one that you have helped build.

Go Terriers!

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