“It’s a story of Santa getting into some trouble with his sleigh on Christmas Eve and having to land at Wofford for assistance,” Gramling says. “It’s about how the whole campus comes together to help Santa and his reindeer finish their deliveries on time. It’s the Wofford way.”

Gramling’s inspiration behind his first book comes in part because of the strong connections he made during his time at Wofford, as well as from being a supportive alumnus and father.

“My son and daughter have often tagged along with us and have developed a relationship with Wofford as well,” Gramling says. “I wanted to create something on their level that was interesting about Wofford.”

According to Gramling, the key to writing is to just do it. In today’s digital world, new technology means new rules for writers and creators.

“Fifteen years ago, I would have needed a publisher," says Gramling. "Now, things can be done in small batches and directed to a niche audience.”

With illustrations by local artist Claire Groover, the story jumps off the page and onto campus as it highlights Old Main, the building Gramling considers Wofford's most iconic.

“I don't think you can have anything referencing Wofford without those two towers somewhere in the background,” he says. “Plus, it has a nice big lawn for Santa to land on.”

Interested in buying a copy? The book is available in time for the holidays. Visit www.HowWoffordSavedChristmas.com.

by Hayley Younginer ’19