Dylan Young

Memphis, Tenn.
Major: business economics
Young has joined the management training program as a sales associate at PepsiCo in Columbia, S.C. He says he will miss playing football for the Terriers because of the relationships he built with his teammates, but he’s excited about returning to the campus to see the completion of the new buildings and the college’s growing efforts in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Jay Peay

Clinton, S.C.
Majors: accounting, finance
Minor: economics
A self-proclaimed “huge fan” of Mrs. Cathy’s egg white omelets, Peay says he’ll miss Wofford breakfasts and is already looking forward to returning for Homecoming. In the fall he begins a master’s degree in accountancy at Vanderbilt University.

Ashley Duckworth

Greeneville, Tenn.
Major: government
Minor: history
Duckworth will attend Washington and Lee University’s School of Law beginning in the fall. She says she has been surprised to find that there is “always a Wofford connection along the path, which is a great comfort taking the next step.”

Brandon Berardo

Clover, S.C.
Majors: Chinese, finance
Berardo will use the skills he learned during his time at Wofford in a global context as he travels to China for a 27-month stint teaching English to university students with the Peace Corps. He previously has studied abroad in China twice and was inspired by his experiences to return.

Carson Waln

Atlanta, Ga.
Major: biology
Waln plans to use the skills and relationships he has developed as a student-athlete to make a positive impact in the world around him. He’ll start by working in pharmaceutical development, pursuing an MBA and making a run at a professional career in baseball.

Jose Gallegos

Spartanburg, S.C.
Major: biology
Although Gallegos is excited to be joining a close-knit alumni network, he says, “in all honesty, I’ll miss the meal swipes (plan).” Following graduation, he will attend the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He’s quick to say that one day he plans to give back to the Wofford community in repayment for the support he received as a student.

Ann Casey Hughes

Birmingham, Ala.
Majors: applied mathematics, French
Following graduation, Hughes will pursue a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she is looking forward to “the freedom of adult life and the challenge of being more independent.”

Yumeng Zhang

Shenyang, China
Majors: government, French
Zhang leaves Wofford to pursue a master’s degree in international affairs at George Washington University. “I look forward to meeting Wofford alumni working in all fields in all parts of the world,” she says. She is grateful to the college for the guidance she received from the Office of International Programs.

Albert Kitchens

Columbia, S.C.
Majors: accounting and finance
Kitchens, who now is working as a fly fishing guide at A Bar A Ranch in Wyoming, says he is looking forward to returning for Homecoming each year and networking with other Wofford graduates. He says he’s going to miss Interim travel/study opportunities, Spring Weekend, Spring Concert and time at the Stewart H. Johnson Greek Village with friends.

Sam Ogburn

Winston-Salem, N.C.
Majors: economics, financeOgburn is pursuing a master’s degree in financial analysis at London Business School, which recently was ranked the #2 business school in the world by QS. Ogburn spent his entire junior year in London, so he is eager to return to the “vibrant cultural center.”

By Kelsey Aylor '18