The summer before her senior year Hattie Weber did an internship with an event planner in New York City. At the end of the summer, Weber was ready to return to the Wofford community, but she didn’t want to leave New York.

The philosophy major with a sociology minor found her way back right after graduation, and now she’s writing about millennials like herself and enjoying every second of her new life.

“I love just walking around. There’s so much to see … two years and I haven’t seen half of Manhattan,” says Weber. She appreciates both the respite of reading a good book in the sunshine near the water as the boats go by and going out with friends, soaking in the lights and crowds. Probably most of all she loves New Yorkers.

“In New York no one pretends to be someone they’re not,” explains Weber. “I love that. There are lots of misconceptions about New York. New Yorkers have a commuter face that says leave me alone, don’t talk to me, but if someone asks a question, of course they’re helpful. New Yorkers are real. They’re not on the surface.”

Weber blends life and work as an associate editor for Business Insider magazine and as senior editor for an online magazine called Badass Living. It covers a little bit of everything, but is primarily geared toward women in business.

“I love writing about millennials and career. One of my first pieces — it’s still one of my favorites — is how to do sales over the phone when you don’t love talking on the phone. I come up with a lot of the content myself. If something’s frustrating to me, I want to figure it out, and I do that by researching a topic and writing about it.”

Weber considers herself a badass about 90 percent of the time. “A badass is someone who’s unapologetically themselves,” she says. “This is who I am. Sometimes I’m having a bad day, sometimes a good day, but regardless, that’s me, and I just go with it.”

By Jo Ann Mitchell Brasington ’89