Gathering tobacco on my dad’s farm during the summers when I was growing up taught me a lot, like the value of sunscreen and of keeping a hoe within reach to fend off water moccasins. It also taught me the value of planning ahead for the next crop, even while harvesting the crop still in the field. 

Likewise, Wofford’s Office of Admission continuously plans ahead for the next crop of students. One crop graduates. Another prepares to enroll, and year after year, crop after crop, outstanding students become outstanding graduates. Our Wofford degrees become stronger with each class. The work of the college’s Admission Office, however, does not happen by accident. They need alumni assistance to succeed in their work. 

As a member of the Wofford College Alumni Association, you can help by identifying prospective students in your community and getting them to visit the campus. Describe the value of a Wofford education. Tell personal stories about your Wofford experiences. These help prospective students connect to the college on a personal level. Once on campus, the Office of Admission is adept at helping prospective students determine how Wofford fits into their future. 

Invariably, questions such as “How can I afford Wofford?” and “How is Wofford different from other liberal arts colleges?” arise when talking to prospective students. Concise but effective answers to these questions soon will be available on the Alumni Association website. Your answers to these questions, along with your personal stories about Wofford, provide an effective combination for recruiting and allow you to help Wofford without spending a penny. 

The Alumni Association recently began a new student recruitment initiative to help the Office of Admission organize alumni volunteers to serve in their local communities. These alumni volunteers will represent Wofford in a variety of roles, including hosting prospective students in their homes and attending similar events. Primarily, these alumni volunteers serve as friendly reference points for prospective students and their families. Please stay tuned for more information on this exciting new initiative. 

Go Terriers!

Andy Beeson ’90
President, Wofford College Alumni Association  

Welcome Class of 2015

Our ranks grew by 368 with the graduation of the Class of 2015 in May. On behalf of the Wofford College Alumni Association, we welcome our newest Wofford alumni to the fold and congratulate them on their achievement. 

Vickie Muller Elected Alumni Association President for 2016

The alumni association recently elected Vickie R. Muller ’83 of Columbia, S.C., as president for 2016. Muller brings to the association substantial professional experience in higher education and volunteer experience leading the Black Alumni Summit’s highly successful campaign to raise money for the multi-cultural house and engage African-American alumni more fully in the life and work of the college. Her natural leadership skills make her a perfect fit to lead the Wofford College Alumni Association. We are fortunate that she is willing to serve.

Upcoming Wofford College Alumni Events:

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July 18
Washington Nationals Game / Pregame

July 18-26
Passage of Lewis and Clark Expedition

Aug. 1
Red Sox Game / Pregame

Aug. 9-23
Grand Danube Passage

Aug. 13-21
Baltic Marvels Cruise

Sept. 3
Spartanburg Area Oyster Roast

Sept. 5
Bus Trip to Wofford vs. Clemson Football Game

Sept. 10
Atlanta Alumni Event

Sept. 11
Atlanta Invitational Golf Tournament

Sept. 17
Columbia Young Alumni Event

Sept. 25
Parents Advisory Council Meeting

Sept. 25-26
Family Weekend

Oct. 8
Charleston Young Alumni Event

Oct. 9
Charleston Invitational Golf Tournament

Oct. 9
Bowens Island Alumni Event

Oct. 10
Citadel Football Pregame Event

Oct. 23
Alumni Association Board Meeting

Oct. 23-24
Homecoming Weekend

Nov. 2
Upstate Invitational Golf Tournament