Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember the women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States while serving in the armed forces. Wofford College has 102 alumni who died in battle dating back to World War I.

The Wofford Digital Commons has research about the college’s military history, including a 2017 exhibit from the college’s Sandor Teszler Library with letters from Dr. Henry Snyder, the college’s fourth president, offering his condolences to the families of students and alumni who were killed in World War I.

The library’s archives also have issues of the college’s newsletter during World War II. Alumni serving in the military would write in to let their classmates know where they were stationed, and the college published a list of men serving and promotions received. Each issue also listed the names of those killed in battle. Read the June 1945 edition.

While many look forward to what’s considered the beginning of summer, take time to remember the reason for the long weekend, including the Terriers who gave their lives.

Wofford ROTC remembered the college’s fallen on Veterans’ Day 2020. Watch the video below to hear them read the names of all 102 alumni killed in action.