By Noah Ravan ’23
Student Intern

Five Wofford College student artists have work featured at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport’s Connections Exhibit through December.

The college’s studio art program connects students with opportunities to display their work.

“We try to provide as many opportunities for our students as possible,” says Michael Webster, assistant professor of studio art. “We have an exhibition called ‘Hot Now,’ which features some of the best student work created each year. We also have off-campus opportunities that come up regularly, like the collegiate exhibition at the Spartanburg Public Library.”

“Hot Now” is an exhibition of student art in the Richardson Family Art Gallery, which runs from March 1 through March 31. Admissions are open year-round via @Woffordstudioart.

“We aim to support students who want art to be a part of their lives, whether that’s a career or not,” says Webster. “Part of that goal is developing experience and building a CV (curriculum vitae) that will help students find opportunities in the future. Our hope is that the students in our department have the tools and exposure to know what to do once they graduate.”

Yasmin Lee ’23, a studio art major from Columbia, South Carolina, is one of the students with art displayed in the Connections Exhibit.

“I have had my work in several exhibitions in Spartanburg and other areas in the Upstate,” Lee says. “The professors really make sure that we’re aware of these opportunities whenever they come up. It’s a great feeling to know my artwork is out in the world. Things like that excite me as a young artist.”

Walker Antonio ’23, a studio art major from Kilmarnock, Virginia, has already seen the impact of having his art featured in the exhibit.

“Someone I know hopped off a plane and saw my work, and she immediately knew it was mine and talked to me about it the next time she saw me, which was pretty cool,” Antonio says.

Webster says all Wofford students, even those not majoring in art, are invited to explore opportunities to showcase art they’ve created.

“The best way for students to reach out about these kinds of opportunities is through a link on our Instagram account,” Webster says. “Students can submit applications to display work in our gallery here at Wofford or be considered for other exhibits in the Spartanburg area.”