Parents, siblings and other relatives of Wofford College students are welcome this weekend as the college celebrates Family Weekend.

There will be opportunities for families to attend receptions, art exhibits, athletics contests, research presentations, open houses and meals with academic departments. 

“This weekend allows families to experience campus life while learning more about the many opportunities that Wofford provides,” says Thom Henson ’96, director of parent engagement. “It’s also a special time to build relationships and friendships with other Wofford families.”

Some of the events planned for the weekend, including a reception hosted by President Nayef Samhat and Prema Samhat for the Class of 2024, are taking into consideration how the COVID-19 pandemic limited how some students and their families began their Wofford experience. 

“At colleges and universities across the country, the Class of 2024 experienced a first year of college unlike any class before them and unlike the class that we just welcomed to the college in August,” Nayef Samhat says. “While we managed the preservation and integrity of the academic program, the experience was far from typical, and that includes the college’s traditional Family Weekend. We are excited about welcoming families from the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2025 into our community.”

Find the complete 2021 Family Weekend schedule.