The Wofford College bell tolls for each of the college’s graduates three times in their lives. It tolls to welcome each first-year student during their first week on campus. It tolls to celebrate their graduation. Finally, it tolls on All Saints’ Day after their death.

The college held its annual “All Saints Remembrance Tolling of the Bell” ceremony on Nov. 1. The names of students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the college who have died during the past year were read.

The Rev. Dr. Ron Robinson, the college’s Perkins-Prothro Chaplain and professor of religion, shared a familiar reminder to those attending the ceremony.

“What matters is how we live between the tolls,” Robinson said.

The bell tolled 150 times.

Here is the list of those remembered:

Richard Crook Adkins ’60
Frederick A. Alders, former parent
James Wiley Alexander, former parent
Benjamin Louis Allen Jr. ’61
Charles Lecel Alley ’68
Edward Henry Atkins Jr. ’51, former parent
Johnny Babb ’67
Dennis Norman Barbare Sr. ’53, former parent
Evans Taylor Barnette ’74
Peter Bartsch, former parent
Samuel Leon Beckham Jr. ’67
Marcus Carlisle Bethea Jr. ’59
Coy Allen Blackwell, former parent
Riddick Richard Blocker Jr. ’55, former parent
Joe Thomas Bradham Jr. ’62
James Earl Brannon ’49
Ruth Reynolds Brannon, retired staff
James Arthur Brown Sr. ’64, former parent
Malcolm McDonald Campbell ’82
DeArmond Emory Canaday, former parent and former trustee
Stephen B. Cannon, former parent
Marion Singleton Carrison ’69
Winfred Ashley Cash ’74
John Robert Capes ’56
MacFarlane L. Cates Jr., friend
Marcelino I. Chavez, former parent
Daniel Scott Cleland ’76
Anne Springs Close, former parent and former trustee
Jerome Russell Cogdell, retired staff
Keith Taylor Collins ’78
Lonnie Lee Cook ’59
Gary Robert Daves ’67, former parent
Christopher Oliver Davis ’82
LaFon Carabo Dees ’59
Richard Dean Dillingham ’59
James Charles Doster, friend
Fred Fairey DuBard Jr. ’57
Paul Stribling Ellison ’52
Leo Giles Elvington Jr. ’65
Edward Singleton Ervin III ’49
Billy Jones Farrow ’58
John Herbert Ferguson ’77, former parent
Edgar Vaughn Fetzer ’86
Suzanne Krydynski Flynn ’89
Donald Lionel Fowler ’57, former trustee
James Hardin Fridy ’52
Johnnie Dodenhoff Fulton, former parent
Barbara Mozingo Galloway, friend
John Pickens Gardner Jr. ’74, former parent
Carol Clark Gentry, friend
Gerald Wray Gibson ’59
Royce Nelson Gillespie ’50
David Allen Gillespie Sr. ‘61
Sheila B. Glenn, current parent
Harvey Moore Grasty ’65
Anne Thomas Greene, former parent
Robert Herlong Griffith ’54
Gerhard Grommer, former parent
James R. Gross, retired faculty
William Franklin Hannon III ’64, former parent
Kathryn Biddle Harrison, former parent
Dewey Allen Hazel, former parent
John Patrick Henry ’66, former parent
Roger Howard Henry Jr. ’66, former parent
Barney Monroe Hiers ’43
John McCarten Hilliard III ’75
Jacqueline Hackler Hollis, friend
James Franklin Hood ’60
William Tindall Howell Jr., friend
Paul Martin Hyman ’73
William Benjamin Hynds ’49
Jean Lee Ivey, former parent
Tony Izzi Jr. ’53
Joan Elizabeth Jewell, friend
Don Wayne Johnson ’63
Julian C. Josey Jr. ’60
Oren Raysor Judy Jr. ’49
Royce Abbott Justice ’58
Donald Stephen Kahler III ’89, former parent
Lamar Long Keisler ’49, former parent
Russell Austin Kelley ’72
Robert Lee Kernell ’50
Wanda Jean King, friend
Margaret Pegues Kinney, former parent
Robert Eberle Kirtley ’39
Hans H. Kuhn, friend
William Jerial Lawing ’61
John Charles Layton ’70
John Ray Lee III ’90
Ann M. Leonard, friend
Blucher Lee Linder ’70
Allen E. Livingston, former parent
James Lynn Lowry Jr. ’54
Milton Brown Maness ’41
George B. Martin Jr., friend
Earl Windell McCrackin ’51, former parent
Charles Hearon McCravy ’65
Alfred Martin McGaha ’64
Elizabeth Boden McGehee, friend
Charles McGinty, friend
Harold Andrew McGuffin ’47
Ian Campbell McIntyre ’67
Purdy B. McLeod Jr. ’49, former parent
Mary Waite Hamrick McLeod, former parent
Henry Stephen McManus, friend
Lawrence Robert Meadows ’99
Barry Adrian Miller ’68
Robert Ulmer Miller ’74
Milton Perry Moore ’67
Margaret B. Murdaugh, former parent
David Steven Murphy ’74
Robert Wilson Osborne ’59
Jack Douglas Owens ’78
William Harrison Patterson ’59
Timothy Kirton Phillips ’19
Nollie Slone Platt ’53
Douglas Leslie Porter ’62
Max Gordon Poteat ’60, former parent
Gerrey Berkeley Powell, friend
William James Rampey ’58
James Stockton Smith ’82
Fredrick Howard Smith ’62
Henry Smith Spann ’69
Hubert Michael Spivey ’70, former parent
Walton Bennett Stamper ’58
Julius Howard Stokes Jr. ’62
George Agnew Stone Sr. ’48
Henry Timrod Stroman Jr. ’67
Daniel Oliver Sutton Sr. ’72
Harold Dean Thompson Sr. ’60, former parent
Doris B. Wade, retired staff
Susan Chalfant Walker, 2008
Ted Holt Walter ’81
William Joel Ward ’65
Robert Alexander Warr ’60
Henry Lee Washington ’78
Richard Craven Webb ’73, former parent
Marion Broadus Welborn Jr. ’68
Daniel W. Welch, former parent
Charles Paul Wieland ’66
Stephen L. Wilson, current parent and former parent
Michael Worth Wilson ’71
Carl Wesley Wilson Jr. ’49
George Bayard Wise ’88
Harry Thomas Witmer ’66
Robert Morris Wofford ’49
Willis Josey Woodham ’51
Paul Loren Yarborough ’69
Joseph Coleman Yarbrough Jr., former parent
Kurt Zimmerli, friend

Robinson concluded the ceremony with this prayer:

“We bless your holy name, O God, for all these who, having finished their course, now rest from their labors.

We treasure their memory in our hearts and in this place.

Give us grace to follow the example of their steadfastness and faithfulness.

To your honor and glory. AMEN.”