SPARTANBURG, S.C. – During her sophomore year at Wofford College, Annie Mayfield, a psychology major and Atlanta native, went through a season of change and began reading self-development books – and she didn’t stop.

“I read around 100 books from early January to the end of my sophomore year,” Mayfield says.

She realized that most of the books were written by a person of an older generation, and she craved the voice of someone her age. She decided to be that voice, writing her own book, “Be Your Own Hero.”

Through her book, Mayfield wanted to talk about difficult things — things that no one else talks about. She’s candid, speaking about her own struggles with faith, self-confidence and personal relationships. The book’s purpose is to create a mindset of self-heroism, urging young people to chase their dreams.

“’Be Your Own Hero’ is a call-to-action for the younger generation to go after what they want right now,” says Mayfield. “Just because you are young doesn’t mean you have to wait to pursue your dreams.”

Mayfield says a key to her success is surrounding herself with a network of support.

“The relationships and the community that I have at Wofford have molded me into a person who had the competence and the confidence to write this book,” she says. “The Wofford community has been my biggest supporter since the book came out.”

After graduating in May 2020, Mayfield plans to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales, and she’s already working on her second book.

“Be Your Own Hero” is published by AuthorHouse. To purchase the book, visit AuthorHouse. To learn more about Mayfield, follow her on Instagram at @anniebmayfield.