Find out more about A Day FOR Wofford.”

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – When Dr. Jonathan Hufford was a Presidential International Scholar at Wofford College, the college supported his research on the confluence of Western medicine with methods used around the world. He looked at how different cultures alleviate suffering through natural medicine, herbalist medicine and faith healing.

Today, Hufford, class of 2010 and now an obstetrician-gynecologist with Prisma Health Systems of the Upstate, is giving back to Wofford by supporting “A Day FOR Wofford,” a 24-hour fundraising campaign for the college set for Friday, Nov. 15.

The ultimate goal for “A Day FOR Wofford” is to reach 750 donors, which will unlock an additional $75,000 for the college from a group of generous alumni and trustees. Donors can choose to give to variety of annual funds on campus, all of which help the college achieve its campaign goals.

“‘A Day FOR Wofford is important to me because it helps me remember everything that Wofford has done for me,” says Hufford, a member of the GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Ambassadors who are putting up a $2,750 challenge to reach 275 young alumni donors. “Supporting Wofford in this way is how I show my gratitude for my Wofford experience. How I thank the college for introducing me to lifelong friends. How I thank the college and the faculty for expanding my horizons helping me achieve all that I have worked to achieve.”

Dr. Jameica Hill is connected to Wofford as a 1988 graduate, professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry and as the parent of current Wofford senior Jason Hill. “I know there are many of special things about this place. Making a financial contribution to help sustain and support programs, fund scholarships and build buildings are paramount to continuing the traditions and moving Wofford toward the future,” she says.

“One of the many special things about Wofford is the value we place on faculty-student mentoring relationships,” Hill continues. “We want to know our students outside of the classroom, and in my case, the lab. The additional involvement of faculty in ‘A Day FOR Wofford’ illustrates that desire and commitment in a fiscal way – signifying that faculty believe in the mission of the college.”

Since the day she graduated from Wofford in 1988, Hill says, she has given back to the college, “even as a graduate student with limited funds. Then and now, participating in fundraising challenges shows that I am forever grateful for what Wofford means to me and has done for me.

“Seeing students go on to live meaningful lives as citizens, leaders and scholars is the reason I do what I do, and I’m even prouder when those students, in turn, give back to our college,” she adds.

Wesley Goings, co-chair with his wife, Dolly, of the Parents Leadership Council, says, “This is an opportunity for parents and students to demonstrate respect and appreciation for the efforts of Wofford’s faculty, administration and trustees who lead the college. Supporting the college in this way is just a small token of gratitude for the lessons and experiences my daughter has learned and gained as a student at Wofford.” The Goings’ daughter, Meredith, is a junior majoring in Spanish; the family is from Jackson, Mississippi.

Robert Barber, a 1971 graduate from Charleston, S.C., says, “Every day should be ‘A Day FOR Wofford.’ When my brother and I began college in the fall of 1967, we had four siblings following us to college over the next 13 years. Money was tight for my family. Wofford provided me with the best education I could have ever dreamed of, and, lucky for me, Wofford provided the financial assistance to make that education possible.

“Wofford is an exceptional place that continues to excel in providing young people, like my niece and granddaughter, a first-class liberal arts education,” Barber continues. “Besides my church, there is not another institution that deserves my support and sacrificial giving more than Wofford College.”

Wofford students, parents of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are encouraged to participate in “A Day FOR Wofford.” Progress of the campaign – and the opportunities to make donations go further through the ongoing challenges – will be updated on social media (@woffordalumni on Instagram and Twitter, Wofford College Alumni on Facebook) throughout the day.