Wofford College students in Dr. Peter Brewitt's Environmental Studies 101 class spent the afternoon at the college's Goodall Environmental Studies Center putting their liberal arts course work into practice.

"In environmental studies, we emphasize the importance of the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities in understanding the world," says Brewitt. "We often speak of the three-legged stool on which an environmental studies student must metaphorically sit."

Brewitt gave the students the opportunity to experience that first hand with a mapping exercise. Teams of students created different maps while at the Goodall Center — two natural science maps, two social science maps and a humanities map — to show the different ways of understanding the landscape, the layers of human perception and use that has shaped the land over time.

According to Brewitt, "the resulting maps, all of the same place, portray the different perspectives and priorities as seen through those disciplinary lenses."