Dean of Diversity and Inclusion


Dr. Begoña Caballero has presented in national and international conferences on integrating diversity, equity and social justice in the curriculum. She has been an anti-poverty advocate for nine years and have volunteered with numerous non-profits organizations.

The dean of diversity and inclusion’s priority is to work with faculty and staff from other offices on campus to detect, correct and prevent discrimination. The dean provides knowledge and curriculum related to the many different domains of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), to maximize all students’ educational experiences. Her goal is that Wofford applies an equity lens in each aspect of the college. She believes that DEI is the job of the entire Wofford community because all of us must unite to create a space in which everybody feels a sense of belonging, respect and value.

Dr. Begoña Caballero

Dr. Begoña Caballero
Dean for diversity and inclusion
associate professor of Spanish