Education and Training

The Diversity and Inclusion Coalition offers a number of educational and training programs for students, faculty and staff.

Diversity Awareness Programs 

Ongoing programming is designed to encourage dialogue by exposing students to variety diversity-related topics. Sponsored monthly, these programs help foster understanding and sensitivity to diverse people, cultures and ideas. Events include Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American History Month, guest lecturers, experiential learning workshops and other cultural activities.

Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This tribute is a celebration of the life of the late civil rights leader. Held annually during the month of January, this event encourages the entire Wofford community to honor his legacy.

Diversity Education

Educational Resources

A small lending library of books, videos and articles on various multicultural and diversity issues is available for student, faculty and staff.

Diversity Presentations

Diversity presentations are conducted to heighten sensitivity about important societal issues. Topics regularly presented are related to race and ethnicity, gender differences and inclusive leadership