Zeta Tau Alpha

What Zeta Tau Alpha Means to Us:  

"ZTA is not only a fraternity, but a home. After being diagnosed with cancer my sophomore year, I found a new appreciation for life and for those who are in it. My ZTA sisters have been the most uplifting and supportive group of women and I admire how each of us have grown into such a tight-knit community. From freshmen to alumnae, Zeta Tau Alpha sisters each bring such a beautiful light into this world."

-Natalie Hahn, Junior (left in picture)

Meaning Natalie  

 "ZTA means sisterhood. ZTA women will stand beside one another no matter what. ZTA means the ability to learn, grow, and flourish as a woman, student and leader in the community. In the Theta Zeta chapter, all sisters are involved in many philanthropic and social events on campus and in the community. To me, ZTA is about passion, loyalty, and love. In my experience, ZTA has helped me grow as a young woman, has helped me learn how to be a leader, and has helped me to understand the meaning of true sisterhood."

  -Brecken Harper VP I, Senior (left in picture)

Brecken Meaning