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Alex Hunt

"I love living and sharing our campus with some of the best people I've ever met! Everyone at Wofford supports each other and helps you be your best person!"


Allen Lollis

"Sure, the fact that Wofford is a top institution, that we have a beautiful campus, and that the opportunities are limitless are great. But it's the people, the community, that makes this place so special."


Allison Roberts

"Wofford has become my home over the last 3.5 years! I love the community we share and the opportunities (study abroad, internships and service) we have access to!"


Cleburne Fant

"I love how Wofford welcomes you in and encourages you to do whatever you set your mind to."


Dana Nobles

"I love the support system I have at Wofford. We joke that we are in the 'Wofford Bubble', but the thing I love the most about this bubble is that we're all in it together!"


Elizabeth Ramsey

"I will miss being in a community of like-minded peers. We all have different interests and personalities but share the drive and motivation to do great things."


Elizabeth Rhee

"My favorite part of Wofford is the abundance of friendships I have made these past few years. I will miss the sense of community and the kindness towards one another."


Grace Elsey

"I will miss my Wofford family. From the professors that spend many weeknights helping me learn to each Wofford student that has impacted my experience, I am truly grateful to be a part of this family!"


Grace Putney

"I love the confidence that Wofford has given me as a student and an individual. I appreciate the experiences I've had, the people I've met, and the opportunities provided for me."


Graham Lenes

"I've loved the unique opportunity to work with my peers and the administration on issues facing the College. I will miss the friends and faculty I have developed relationships with."


Hank Davis

"What I love most about Wofford is the sense of community and the people that make this campus such a special, vibrant and exciting place to live and learn."


Jasmine Davis

"The relationships built at Wofford are what I'll miss most. I'll also miss spreading glitter trails through community service in Sparkle City!"


Lauren Dunbar

  "My favorite part about Wofford is that you are able to build relationships with the faculty and staff." 


Lindsey Perret

"The thing I love most about Wofford is my relationships with faculty and staff. When you meet someone at Wofford, they remember you forever, and you're always welcome to drop by their office."


Maggie Stroud

"My favorite part of Wofford has been, and always will be, the community-- the community of students, professors and staff who have an unspoken mutual understanding of what it means to be a part of this prized institution."


Paulie Howell

"I will miss the family I have made here-- friends, sisters, professors, and more. Everything at Wofford builds a bond that resonates in every Terrier."


Sally Sheppard

"I love feeling like I know everyone on campus when I walk around. I'll miss Saturdays during the spring the most-- the campus is always alive and something is always going on!"


Samantha Hemleben

"I love the traditions that Wofford upholds, whether it's Greek life, campus activities, or simply living in dorms on campus. That is what I will miss the most!"


Sari Imber

"I love enjoying sunny days in my rocking chair on my porch in The Village and chatting with everyone that passes by. I'll really miss having all my best friends as neighbors!"


Stephanie Vlandis

"I'll miss having my best friends live right next door! The community at Wofford is unreal and leaving is going to be extremely difficult."


Will Cox

"I love being able to walk across campus and call almost everyone by their name. Wofford is unique in this aspect, and  hope that that it will continue to provide ways for students to connect and strengthen the sense of community."