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Women's History Month

According to the Violence Policy Center, in 2015 South Carolina ranked again as the state with the highest number of women killed by men. For the past 18 years, our state has been among the top 10 most-violent states; four times SC has placed first. In the last state-wide report (2012) on sexual violence, Spartanburg County ranked 6th with 203 reported incidents.

In response to the prevalence of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in our community, the Gender and Society/Women’s History Month planning committee is designing a pledge campaign and we are aiming for 100% of our Wofford College community to sign the pledge. All members of Wofford College can take a stance against intimate partner violence and sexual violence. Our group aims to start a pledge campaign that promotes healthy relationships with intimate partners and a safe environment for all members of our community.

Our pledge campaign is a call to action:

I pledge to never commit sexual violence against an intimate partner. Furthermore, I pledge to actively intervene if I see signs of sexual violence committed against any member of our community. I am committed to fostering a safe environment, free from violence of any form, in our community.

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See the Women's History Month Committee.

Women's History Month Schedule of Events:

March 4   7pm SCATE NIGHT - Kick off Event for Pledge and WHM (Helena Filmore & Elena, Caroline, Margaret)
An evening of food, fun, and artistic performances in the Student Union by students, staff, and faculty on the subjects of gender and/or sexual identities.
March 9 5pm "Ephemeral Flights: Works by Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn." Opening Reception (Youmi Efurd)
The exhibition "Ephemeral Flights" was designed in honor of Women's History Month, featuring works by Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn. Jessica will address issues of gender and disability, which have been closely related to her life. 
March 10  10.45am-1pm "In Her Shoes: Experience the Hijab" (MSA Anum Ahmed)
A chance for students to walk in the shoes of a hijabi Muslim woman, with information on the hijab, and an open display of hijabs for students to try on for themselves. 
11.30am Meet the artist: lunch for students in Art History, Studio Art and Gender Studies (Youmi Efurd)
Students from the department of Art and Art History and the Gender Studies program will have an opportunity to meet with an artist to broaden their views regarding art and gender.
4pm Artist's Talk by Elaine Blinkhorn in Olin 101 (Youmi Efurd)
The visiting artist will give a lecture on the present exhibit "Ephemeral Flights" on display in the Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery. 
March 16 6.30pm Girl Rising - McMillan Theater - Panel Discussion to follow (Jennifer Gutierrez-Caldwell)
Educating girls can break cycles of poverty in just one generation. Yet millions of girls aren't in school. Girl Rising uses story telling to inspire action that gets girls into classrooms worldwide. After the screening of the documentary the audience will be able to hear from a panel of Wofford students. faculty, and staff as to how education has broken cycles in their life. 
March 19 (tentative) 5K Freedom Run (Megan and Cierra)
March 28 7pm Theater performance: "Just One Night" - McMillan Theater - followed by panel discussion with Safe Homes (Lisa Lefebvre and Dan Day)
A thought provoking short play with discussion afterwards about sexual assault/date rape.
March 29 4-6pm 14th annual Conference on Gender - Montgomery Room
Wofford's 14th annual conference on gender features students from a wide variety of disciplines who will share their research on gender studies issues. Pizza and cookies follow the student presentations. 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) Schedule of Events: 

April 14          11.30am Lunch and Learn with Marcel Anderson - Holcombe (Jennifer Gutierrez, Matt Hammett)
Marcel Anderson, writer, and sexual assault survivor will discuss the healing process of surviving sexual assault, especially as a male survivor. He will also present his new book on surviving sexual assault.
6.30pm Leonard Sexual Assault Awareness Panel - Leonard Auditorium (Matt Hammett)
This will be a panel discussion that addresses sexual violence on college campuses and within the Spartanburg community. Panelists will discuss ways to best support survivors and to help create an environment that promotes healthy relationships.
April 26 Hunting Ground Screening (Matt Hammett)
Wofford will host its first screening of the award-winning documentary that focuses on the stories of sexual assault survivors and their fight for justice. Following the film, staff members will discuss Wofford's sexual misconduct policy and its resources.