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Family Weekend 2015

Wofford inducts 46 legacies into The Order of 1854: Wofford Heritage Society.

Each year during Family Weekend first-year students who are legacies (another family member attended Wofford before them) are inducted into The Order of 1854: Wofford Heritage Society. This year the Alumni Office inducted the Class of 2019 during a special brunch. All members were recognized, took photos with Wofford President Nayef Samhat and received a lapel pin and certificate of membership. 

The Order of 1854: Wofford Heritage Society recognizes and celebrates students and alumni who play a role in continuing a family legacy of enrolling in Wofford College. Like the stately oak tree that's part of The Order of 1854’s logo, membership symbolizes the deep roots of strong family ties to the college.

“Legacy” Facts: 

  • Wofford College has 139 current students who are Wofford legacies.
  • Out of these 139, 46 are first-year students in the Class of 2019.

by Ryann Kroske McCall ’13