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winter 2018

College leads refugee resettlement understanding

Well-informed voices from Wofford's faculty share insights.

Faculty asked to speak at other colleges and universities

After hosting a panel discussion on Refugee Resettlement for the Spartanburg community on Sept. 24, in Leonard Auditorium, Wofford faculty took the conversation to the University of South Carolina, where they were invited to share their insights.

Participating on the panel were: 

  • Dr. Laura H. Barbas Rhoden, professor of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, discusses Hispanic refugees and immigrants who have settled in Spartanburg and the Upstate. She teaches Spanish and operates Wofford’s programs involving the Hispanic community at Arcadia Elementary School and the surrounding community.
  • Dr. Philip C. Dorroll, assistant professor of religion, shares his expertise on Turkey.
  • Dr. Mark S. Byrnes, associate professor and chair of the Department of History, provides an historical perspective on the American experience with refugees.
  • Dr. Kimberly A. Rostan, associate professor of English, explores the perspective of the theme of refugees in literature.

The discussions, which were moderated by Dr. Byron R. McCane, the Albert C. Outler Professor of Religion, have been followed by question-and-answer sessions for students and others in the audience. 

World Relief, a faith-based organization, has approval to resettle 60 refugees in Spartanburg this year. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard was in Spartanburg in August to discuss the resettlement program.

“We feel that the resettlement program is an important issue to discuss in our community, and professors at Wofford College who are experts in their fields can provide some perspective on the issue,” McCane says. “We want to provide our students and the community with a forum in which to learn by hearing from well-informed voices on the issue.”

by Laura Hendrix Corbin