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A Letter from the Wofford College Alumni Association

Beeson shares information on new giving initiative and the year in review.


Homecoming draws us back to Wofford so we can revisit a familiar place, enjoy venerable traditions and reconnect with old friends. Often, the experience also leaves us struck by the enormous prosperity enjoyed by the college since our time as students. 

New and renovated facilities and an expansion of the campus footprint manifest Wofford’s progress in the 25 years since I graduated. Equally important but less visible is the substantial growth of the college’s financial resources, which help foster a diverse, talented student body and enable new academic, cultural and athletic opportunities. 

These great changes—and the increase in the value of your diploma—did not happen by accident. They occurred gradually and deliberately, the realization of long-term planning. None would have been possible without the generous support of Wofford’s alumni and friends. Both large and small, our gifts collectively transformed Wofford for the better. 

Looking ahead, the success of the Strategic Vision for Wofford College, announced by the college last year, requires the continued support of all alumni. This vision will help Wofford keep pace with our peer institutions in the competitive world of higher education and will ensure the vitality of Wofford for future generations of Terriers. Our Office of Advancement offers a wide range of opportunities for supporting Wofford, and all support is welcome and appreciated. Everyone can find a way to contribute!

To support the Strategic Vision for Wofford College, the Alumni Association has instituted an “Advancement Initiative” led by Michael Anzelmo ’00. To find out more about the Advancement Initiative, please contact me at, Anzelmo at or Debbi Thompson ’88 at

It has been a great privilege to serve as president of the Wofford College Alumni Association for 2015. The experience provided many opportunities to interact with the folks at Wofford, and has left me confident that our alma mater could not be in better hands. Wofford is a special place, and Wofford alumni can take great pride in being a part of it. I urge you to remain an active part of the Wofford community. You'll enjoy it, and Wofford will benefit from your participation. Always know that the Alumni Association is here to help.

Year in Review

In 2015, the Wofford College Alumni Association Board sought to reorganize and clarify its purpose in an effort to better serve as your voice to the college. The Wofford administration offered its full support and consistently has demonstrated a serious commitment to the success of our revamped Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association Board determined that our primary goals were to serve as the liaison between our alumni and the college, provide input on alumni activities and chapter programming, and honor the achievements of fellow alumni and friends of the college. To accomplish this, we instituted four initiatives related to networking, student recruitment, alumni engagement and advancement. Members of Wofford’s extraordinary staff, who have expertise in these areas, give us guidance on how to carry out these functions to complement and support related efforts of the college. With their assistance, the Alumni Association is poised to be a tremendous resource to Wofford and you. 

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Ryann McCall ’13 in the Office of Advancement, our website is undergoing an overhaul to become a more helpful resource for alumni. Please keep an eye out for it in 2016. 

Finally, as always, we invite and appreciate your suggestions for ways in which we can improve the Alumni Association.

Go, Terriers!
Andy Beeson ’90
President, Wofford College Alumni Association