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winter 2018

Message from the president

Student success is built into everything we do at Wofford College.


Student success is built into everything we do at Wofford College — from the expectation that students graduate within four years to faculty advising to finding ways to help more students study abroad.

This issue of Wofford Today features some of the ways in which Wofford demonstrates its commitment to student success. You’ll find a story on the transformative gift from the Mungos that has made possible the centralization of high-impact student programs in the Michael S. Brown Village Center. There’s a story wrapping up the Terriers’ miracle football season and the efforts of so many contributing to the team’s incredible successes on and off the field. This issue also includes a story about how Wofford has helped shape the postgraduate scholarship success of generations of students.

Student success leads to graduate success, and Wofford graduates provide proof that we’re moving in the right direction. In the class notes section, you’ll find alumni success stories. Wofford graduates are doing amazing things — preserving wildlife, starting businesses, leading professional organizations, serving our communities and even competing on game shows and hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland. They’re also giving back. The 2016 Advancement Report (see pages 20-23) highlights the generosity and impact of graduates who have decided to show their gratitude to the college by paying it forward to current and future students.

Thank you all for making student success a priority. The world needs more Wofford graduates who are committed to leading meaningful lives as citizens, leaders and scholars.


Go, Terriers!