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It's Our Wofford: A Strategic Vision for Wofford College

Imagine a college where each student’s experience—academic, residential and co-curricular—is merged together seamlessly.

A place of full-time learning from the classroom to the playing field to the residence hall. A dynamic environment where students receive a liberal arts education that emphasizes leadership, engagement and global context, giving them the skills and experience to address complex challenges around such themes as poverty and development, environment and sustainability, technology and society, and identity and culture. This is the Wofford learning experience we are imagining. And we believe this experience can become a leading educational model for developing well-rounded, exceptional citizens of the 21st century.

Extraordinary citizens and lifelong learners emerge organically—and a great college provides the right conditions for that organic process to occur. Students must have room to create and explore in creative physical, intellectual and virtual spaces. They must have opportunities to engage and debate with one another, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and community members. These unstructured face-to-face interactions often lead to connections across disciplines and spaces, including regional and global communities that produce new understanding, new knowledge and new possibilities.

This vision of an interwoven Wofford learning community is guiding us as we recommend ways to strengthen our existing academic programs and identify new and exciting areas of learning.

To learn more about our vision, visit the full Strategic Vision website.