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winter 2018

Message from the president

The future of our college has never been clearer

Pres-LargeEighteen months of intense work by hundreds of members of the Wofford community was rewarded in October when the Board of Trustees unanimously approved our strategic vision. This vision will take us into the next decade as Wofford becomes “a premier, innovative and distinctive national liberal arts college defined by excellence, engagement and transformation in its commitment to prepare superior students for meaningful lives as citizens, leaders and scholars.” This issue of Wofford Today highlights the steps we will take to realize this vision. Visit the microsite at

Maybe the most exciting thing of all is that the vision already is becoming a reality. Following the vision’s approval, the college announced the first two facilities included in the plan—The Rosalind S. Richardson Center for the Arts and the Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium. Wofford alumnus and trustee Jerry Richardson ’59, founder and owner of the Carolina Panthers, provided the first gift for the arts center in honor of his wife’s commitment and dedication to the arts. As the vision of Wofford is realized, the center will serve to support and promote the college’s interdisciplinary, creative activities. The second gift will give the college a state-of-the-art new home for basketball and volleyball and a venue for concerts and other college events.

Also, Wofford’s 145-year commitment to Greek life was complemented by the announcement of plans to build a new, enhanced Greek Village for our fraternities and sororities. The Greek Village will be a transformative space, serving to further differentiate the Wofford experience among other liberal arts colleges.

As we move forward, we do so with our new tagline, “It’s your world.” The world at Wofford—and Wofford in the world—offers our students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and community an opportunity make the world at Wofford their own as they transform it, explore it, create it and engage it. That’s what Wofford does, and we do so with you.

Our vision is becoming a reality.

Go, Terriers!