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Adams and Lindquist reunite in Sweden

Dr. Christer Lindquist (center), his wife Eva, and Phil Adams ’65

When my wife and I decided to travel to the Baltic countries this summer via cruise ship, I reflected on a friend from Wofford in 1963-1964, my junior year. Chris Lindquist spent that year as a student from Sweden at Wofford. Our KA fraternity adopted him, pledged him and spent an enjoyable school year getting to know him.

He visited in my home in Orangeburg, S.C., for spring break and at the end of the year returned to Sweden to attend medical school. We corresponded several times the next year and lost touch after that. It had been 50 years since our last correspondence, so I wanted to contact him since our travels would take us to Stockholm.

A call to Charles Gray ’72 in the Wofford Alumni Office produced an email address. A Google search produced pictures and information on his very distinguished medical career. He is a neurosurgeon and expert using the gamma knife for non-invasive brain tumor surgery who studied under the Swedish inventor of the equipment and procedure. His work also takes him to his London clinic and to the United States for medical conferences. His wife, Eva, is also a medical doctor.

I sent an email as a voice from his past and received a warm reply. They would plan to spend the day with his “big brother” and show us the city. They would meet us at the dock so we would have more time together. I would recognize him from his picture on the Internet (he has not changed much), and I would be the only one wearing a Wofford cap. We needed neither... instant recognition! Our delightful day was spent touring Stockholm and visiting in their home. I shared what I knew about old classmates and the changes at the college over the years. Our friendship was renewed, and we agreed that we would not wait another 50 years!

I will be working on our reunion plans for our 50th reunion next year. He and Eva hope to attend. Wofford students have always developed relationships. I hope many in the Class of ’65 will return for the reunion. Old friendships grow in importance as we pass through the years.

by Phil Adams ’65