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winter 2018

Treasures from the Archives

The archives holds an interesting collection of t-shirts from the 1970s to the 2010s.

Some t-shirts come from student groups, some from Homecoming or Spring Weekend events, and others are tributes to professors, or even presidents.

But why do we collect them? I think t-shirts are a good way of documenting student life. They give people who attended an event or took part in a group a way of remembering the event. I’m sure that recent college graduates have drawers or boxes full of them by the time they graduate.

If you have a favorite t-shirt, tell me about it, or share a picture of it on the Facebook page.

We couldn’t feature all of these t-shirts in Wofford Today, so here are a few of my favorites:

Hotel Carlisle – a tribute to an old residence hall that was the early home to Wofford Theatre.


SUTWAK, or Students United to Win a Keg, was a group of non-Greek students who played intramurals together (I think). The back of the shirt is below.



Sometimes shirts honored faculty members, such as historian Lewis P. Jones, above, or President Benjamin B. Dunlap, below.


By Phillip Stone '94, Archivist