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winter 2018

From the Archives

The archives add to the online repository.

The college archives has added a variety of new items to its online digital repository. Libraries and archives use digital repositories to share a variety of resources. At Wofford we’re using ours to share archival records and manuscripts, some local history materials and faculty and student scholarship. 

In the past few months we added all of the issues of the Flight Record, which was the newsletter prepared by aviation students stationed at Wofford during World War II, and of the World War II Wofford College News Letter, which the college used to communicate news about its alumni who were serving all over the world. We have older alumni bulletins, along with some Methodist materials. 

We’ve also posted all of the college’s catalogs, including the first one, from 1855. In these documents, you can see how the college’s admission and course requirements have changed over the years. We will continue to make new resources available as we finish scanning and processing them. Watch for Interim catalogs, yearbooks and literary magazines later this year. 

These materials are available at »