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winter 2018

A Letter from the Wofford College Alumni Association

Alumni engagement initiatives take center stage.

Alumni Engagement Initiative

Colleges do not award honorary undergraduate degrees, and yet 25 years ago Wofford mercifully awarded me what only could have been justified, given my woeful academic performance, as being an honorary bachelor’s degree. A quarter century later my classmates from the Class of 1990 and I soon will gather with other Terriers at Homecoming to reconnect and reflect on our Wofford years, academically unremarkable and otherwise.

Homecoming provides the most identifiable activity for our alumni to be involved with the college, but our continued involvement with Wofford does not have to begin and end on one weekend each October. Throughout the year and around the country, Wofford provides our alumni with opportunities to participate in an impressive range of cultural and athletics events, local alumni gatherings, and opportunities for travel and continuing education.

Recent events enjoyed by Wofford alumni and their families include a Red Sox baseball game in Boston, a picnic and up-close “animal encounter” at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, a large alumni reception in Columbia and a bicycle race in Spartanburg. Upcoming activities in 2015 can be found on the alumni event calendar on the college’s website, and Charlie Gray ’72 leads a new and vibrant continuing education program—Lifelong Learning at Wofford—as well as travel opportunities and other experiences.

To encourage alumni involvement in the life of Wofford and alumni events, the Wofford College Alumni Association has instituted an “Alumni Engagement Initiative” led by Carl Young ’96. To find out how you can start a local alumni chapter or be involved with alumni activities, please contact me at, Young at or Debbi Thompson ’88 at

Alumni Association Board Member Nominations

The success of our alumni association depends on the active involvement of a diverse group of motivated alumni representing a wide span of geographic areas, racial and ethnic backgrounds, graduating years, occupations and interests. If you are interested in being a part of the alumni association board or would like to nominate someone to serve on the board, please contact Debbi Thompson or me. 

Wofford Bench and Bar Society

The recent election of the Hon. Costa Pleicones ’65 as chief justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court marks the latest milestone in Wofford’s proud heritage of producing many of the leading legal practitioners and jurists of our state and region. In recognition of the impact of Wofford alumni on the judiciary and legal profession, the Wofford Bench and Bar Society has been created for Wofford alumni who are licensed attorneys as well as for others in the Wofford community who have an interest in the legal profession or the law.

The primary purpose of the Wofford Bench and Bar Society is to unite Wofford alumni in the legal community in an effort to support the college, elevate the legal profession and foster mentoring and networking among alumni and students. If you are interested in helping with continuing education, mentoring or networking efforts of the Wofford Bench & Bar Society, contact Andy Beeson at

Go, Terriers!

Andy Beeson ’90
President, Wofford College Alumni Association