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winter 2018
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Treasures from the Archives

The Walter E. Hudgins Papers

This summer, the archives opened the Walter E. Hudgins Papers for research. Donated last year by Linda Hudgins, the papers include correspondence, speeches, sermons and other writings by Hudgins, who taught philosophy at Wofford from 1972-1986. Hudgins was also a prolific writer of plays, and the collection includes the scripts, production notes, scores and even recordings of more than a dozen of his plays. A much-beloved professor, Hudgins had a great influence on his students and colleagues, and his papers and writings reflect his broad interests.

The personal papers series includes biographical materials, materials relating to events Dr. Hudgins participated in at High Point, Greensboro, and Wofford colleges, some lectures, addresses, and correspondence. The records contain a collection of sermons he delivered in North Carolina and some speeches he gave while a member of the Wofford faculty. The plays series includes scripts and scores for some sixteen plays written by Dr. Hudgins, as well as clippings, working drafts, and occasionally, programs from some of these plays.

By Philip Stone ’94

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