Dean Wallace talking with two students

Alternate Testing Site 

The Alternate Testing Site process is for students who are approved for the following accommodations:

  1. Extended time on quizzes/tests/exams
  2. Private administration of tests/exams

Please submit this form at least 48 hours before the administration of the test/exam is expected. It will be transmitted to Accessibility Services for administration.

You will be prompted to send a PDF version of the test to Accessibility Services once the request has been received. The student will be prompted to schedule a time in the Wellness Center to take the test. If space is not available during the necessary time frame, Accessibility Services will coordinate with the library for overflow space.

Test Information  
Instructor's Extension  
Class Title  
Date of Scheduled Exam  
Length of Exam (excluding additional time accommodation)   

Use of the following is allowed:



When the student arrives in the Wellness Center, the Honor Pledge and agreement to be monitored by video will be signed. No personal belongings, including phones and electronic watches will be allowed in the testing room. The signed agreement will be returned to you, along with the test, following the administration.

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