Faculty walking through campus

All About Pedometers

What is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a small device that clips onto your waistband, bra, or wrist and counts the number of steps that you take based on your foot strike. Many of the faculty and staff at Wofford use the Fitbit which is an electronic pedometer.

Why use a pedometer?

Pedometers give you immediate feedback on your physical activity levels throughout the day. You can compare your levels from one day to the next and try to increase your steps for better physical fitness. One recommendation is that we should walk 10,000 steps per day. Use a pedometer will show you if you are on mark or if you need to “step it up”.

When should you wear your pedometer?

All the time! Try to put it on as soon as you are dressed in the morning and wear it throughout the day for all of your routine activities as well as during exercise. The Fitbit flex (wrist one) is water resistant. The Zip and One are not water resistant so don’t take it in the shower or pool.

What does my pedometer tell me?

After a week of wearing your pedometer you can average your daily step counts and see how many steps you take on the average day. If this number is below 10,000, you should try to increase your daily step count so that it gets closer and closer to 10,000 per day. This may take some time but gradual increases will help your overall health.