Dean Wallace talking with two students

Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity

There are lots of people who say that they don’t have time to exercise. Maybe for some people that is true but for many it is a matter of priorities. Are you one of those people who struggle to fit physical activity into your day? It is easy to forget how great you feel after exercise until you start doing it again.

Lack of Time:

  • Look for three times a week that you can spend at least 10 minutes doing something active
  • Walk to school or Work
  • Park further away when shopping, or at work
  • Exercise during your lunch hour
  • Walk while your children are at their activities
Bad weather:
  • Mall walk
  • Walk the stairs a few times at work (old Main is a real workout)
  • Richardson Fitness Center
  • It’s only water... as long as it is not thundering and lightning go ahead and walk in the rain
No Motivation:
  • Plan ahead and schedule your exercise
  • Join a class with a friend (Tuesday/Thursday faculty/staff Yoga)
  • Call a friend and go for a walk to catch up 
Lack of Energy:
  • It is amazing that if you exercise, you will end up having more energy
  • If you are concerned about lack of energy, see your MD for an evaluation before starting to exercise.
Family Responsibilities:
  • Incorporate the children in your exercise or your exercise into their activities
  • Run and play tag with your children
  • Trade off babysitting time/exercise time with a friend so you both get to exercise