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Impact Stories: Drew Copeland '19

Despite growing up in nearby Inman, S.C., Drew Copeland ’19, a Spanish and history double major in the teacher education program, never seriously considered attending Wofford until his sister, a Wofford student at the time, and parents insisted he apply. After being accepted into the Bonner Scholars Program, Copeland says, “I ultimately chose Wofford because it is close to home, has a great campus environment and provides many opportunities for my future. I am 100 percent sure this is where I am supposed to be!”

Wofford’s Bonner Scholarship Program Endowed Scholarship Fund recognizes students who demonstrate the ability to succeed both in the classroom and in the communities beyond, providing them with financial access to a Wofford education while also providing them with the opportunities, resources and skills to serve humanity. As a part of the program, Copeland volunteers at least 10 hours each week during the academic year and 280 hours per summer for two summers.

Copeland doesn’t take for granted the impact of his scholarship on his college experience. “Without the generosity of others, I would not be able to afford to attend Wofford,” he says.

Copeland plans on becoming a high school history teacher and football coach upon graduation from Wofford. He hopes to stay local, in order to pay it forward and support the college that has given so much to him.

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