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 Donor Stories: Teresa Roof Sims '86

PhotoofTeresaandChrisSimsDuring her senior year at Fort Mill High School, Teresa Roof Sims ’86 worked closely with her high school guidance counselor and Wofford’s Office of Financial Aid to make her hope of attending Wofford a financial possibility. Despite the efforts from all involved, the numbers continued to come up short of what she would need to make her dream of attending Wofford a reality. Just weeks before she would have to make the decision on where she would spend her next four years, Sims visited Wofford to work with the Office of Financial Aid one last time. It was that day, while she was sitting on the grass in front of Main Building, that Sims was notified of a newly established endowed scholarship that would make a Wofford education possible. It is this scholarship and the opportunities it provided her at Wofford that have inspired Sims and her husband to establish the Chris and Teresa Sims Endowed Scholarship Fund through the Trustee Matching Fund.

“When reviewing the matching information, my husband and I realized that the results of our gift would be even more impactful to the college and the recipients of our gifts if we participated in the Trustee Matching Fund,” she says.

Since graduating from Wofford, Sims has worked as a business systems manager for regulated companies such as Duke Energy, Transamerica Life Company and Wells Fargo and is grateful for the influence of her Wofford education and experience. “I know I wouldn't be the person that I am today if I hadn't attended Wofford. I also know that my attendance at Wofford was possible because of the endowed scholarship that I received,” she says.

For more information about how to establish an endowed scholarship and take advantage of the Trustee Matching Fund, contact Calhoun Kennedy ’89 at kennedycl@wofford.edu or 864-597-4211.

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