Preparing for your Career: advice from 

William James '11

William James 

How did you get to where you are today? What was your employment path? 

My employment path has only just begun. During my master’s coursework at the Arnold School of Public Health at USC, I began two graduate assistant positions. One as a page for South Carolina Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler and the other in the Physician Network Services department at Lexington Medical Center. Both positions ended however when I graduated with my Masters in Healthcare Administration in May of this year. Since May, I have applied for positions all over the state and surrounding areas. The positions I applied for ranged from management positions to more supporting roles. Fortunately, I am in the process of accepting a position at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital in Savannah, GA. The position title is Applications Support Analyst and will involve working with hospital physicians as the hospital system undergoes a major overhaul of their current electronic health record system.


Do you use your major in your job? 

No and yes. The beauty of the education I received at Wofford is the interconnectedness of departments. No, I will not be using my knowledge of basic biology imparted to me by Dr. Kusher; I will, however, question assumptions and analytically dissect problems on a daily basis.


How did Wofford prepare you for your professional life? 

The classes I took and the extracurricular activities in which I took part prepared me for my professional life by teaching me diplomacy, cultivating a passion for helping others succeed, and nurturing a love of getting to know people.


What is your favorite part about your job? 

Yet to be seen. If I have to speculate it will be getting to know my co-workers and solving problems related to the change process.


Do you have any advice for current Wofford students? 

Push yourself to become a leader on campus by running for Campus Union, sitting with someone random at Burwell, or volunteering your time off campus in Spartanburg, etc. You will always value the lessons you learn when you push yourself.

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