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Student Testimonials


Anoquesha Gaither '15
  Chase WestST 

Chase West '13 

Major: Pre-Med
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Getting an Internship
Result: Learned the basics of medical school at VCOM in a month
  Major: Finance
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Resume and Networking Assistance
Result: Found a Great Job in a Surprising Industry

Sari Imber '15 

  Sarah CarterST 

Sarah Carter '14 

Major: Art History and French
Came to The Space to Prepare for: General Preparation
Result: A wonderful, impassioned summer internship experience
  Major: Math and Finance
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Interview Preparation
Result: Secured an internship that lead to a full-time job after graduation
Meghan Holland 

Meghan Holland '14 

  Kelly Blake 

Kelly Blake '13

Major: Biology and Psychology
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Help writing personal statement and resume
Result: Accepted to seven law schools
  Works as an analytical consultant for SAS institute because of her math major from Wofford.

Kirk Whitehead '10 


William James '11 

He’s been using the skills he learned in The Space every day since – and now he works with a leading investment management company in Charlotte, NC.   Uses his experience from Wofford in his job everyday by displaying diplomacy, cultivating a passion for helping others succeed, and nurturing a love of getting to know people.
Eric Cole ST 

Eric Cole '99 

 A leader on the field and in the classroom – he graduated from Wofford after a successful career as an offensive lineman and with a degree in Biology. A Tennessee native, Dr. Cole currently practices family medicine at the Mary Black Hospital in Spartanburg.